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22nd November 2016
posted 22 November 2016 14:25

Telephone system:
At around 10.00 am today our new telephone system became live; set out below are the salient points:

  • main surgery number: 01326 558714
  • repeat prescriptions:01326 555287

Additional information:

  • for a short time patients who dial 0844 will be advised of the change; our new main number has been in use for several years as a secondary surgery option
  • when first connected to the surgery the options have changed so please listen carefully before you select
  • our new dedicated prescription line will enable repeat requests to be made 24/7 even when the phone is unattended

Many of you will be aware of the difficulties experienced by patients & ourselves with the 0844 number; a brief summary from the practice perspective follows:

  • extracting ourselves from the provider was an extremely time consuming & difficult task
  • the contract was set up approaching 7 years ago when it was an acceptable route & offered call queuing
  • over the years the attitude of those who 'issue rules' changed; we installed, at an additional cost, the required extra line with a local number for patient use
  • the vast number of contracts/tariffs, on both land lines & mobiles, which have become the norm resulted in creating a minefield for practices who, in good faith, had a system with an 0844 number
  • to terminate the contract sooner was not viable; the cost was prohibitive & any other option offered to us was financial lunacy for us to accept
  • the financial penalty to terminate now is a cost carried by the partners

Online Service: Book Appointments and Request Repeat Prescriptions

  • since March 2014 we have a service available called The Waiting Room to enable patients to book on line [some] appointments & repeat prescriptions
  • should you wish to sign up for this service please submit your email address to us at reception &you will then receive an email inviting you to join The Waiting Room
  • one caveat is that this requires a unique email address for each patient
  • once done, you can access this service at

Patient Participation Group:

  • next meeting 18.30 Wednesday November 23 2016 at the surgery
  • should you be interested in joining us please come along

Should you have any questions or require further information about anything in this update please contact the surgery.

Surgery Fact Sheets
Read the following fact sheets to familiarise yourself with the Surgery. More to come!